Consumer Technology

Client Challenge:

Scosche Industries, a leading innovator of consumer technology products, was void of any PR representation or support in Europe and the United Kingdom.  As they prepared for the launch of an exclusive product line in Apple stores throughout the EU and UK, they recognized PR was a critical component to their success, ensuring the corporate messaging translated across cultures and their products were placed in the hands of influential writers and reviewers in order to engage consumers.

Client Objectives:

    • Identify technology journalists and influencers in 8 target countries
    • Adjust product messages to ensure relevance is translated properly in each market
    • Engage journalists to develop both written and video product reviews that communicate the product benefits, the value of the Apple partnership and drive sales to the Apple locations / on-line to support sell-through
    • Develop sales tools for EU and UK team comprised of media stories and reviews that validate the products, support their continued relationship with Apple and help open doors with other large retailers due to the elevated visibility of the brand

Our Process:

We use a four-step process to help clients achieve their goals:
Analyze – Strategize – Execute – Amplify

Analyze: We began by analyzing the markets and competing products in those market, how the media talked about them, and where their shortcoming were to address consumer pain-points.

We identified the differentiators each Scosche product had from competitor and the solutions each provided to common consumer issues.

Strategize: Based on the client goals to reach media in new markets, our analysis of viable media that covered this sector of the consumer technology market and competing companies and products, we build out a comprehensive public communication strategy that included:

  • Updated product messaging
  • Robust media lists in 8 countries made up of influential editors, reviewers and bloggers
  • Creation of a pitch strategy to target and secure favorable product reviews
  • A cadence of follow-up communication that ensured we were getting maximum return on our efforts to place product
  • A reporting format that provides the sales team new tools to showcase media attention around the product lines


Execute: Execution of the strategy required a concentrated effort in each county to reach their journalists in a manner and with an approach they seemed most responsive to based on their past coverage and reviews.  Pitched and outreach were translated into each writer’s native language and a speedy fulfilment process was set up with the European warehouse to ensure shipments were shipped and tracked to ensure timely coverage.


After 3 months, we were able to break into a new market and secure nearly 40 stories and reviews that drove attention to the products and partnership with Apple. This not only helped the current campaign but put the Scosche brand on the radar of a few hundred writers and journalists for future coverage and reviews. As a result of this highly successful campaign, what started as a single project in one region of the world, resulted in an ongoing long-term partnership with Scosche as their global PR partner, representing the brand in the United States and ROW (rest of world). 


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