Case Study: Catalyst

Client Challenge:
Catalyst is a consumer products company that sells waterproof cases around the world. Waterproof cases for smartphones were not always popular, primarily because the acoustics in early versions were lacking in quality. Then, Catalyst introduced a case 5x more waterproof than what was already on the market. As a start-up, however, Catalyst had trouble expanding their reach and breaking into the waterproof market. They wanted to ensure their products were placed in the hands of influential writers and reviewers to engage consumers, differentiate their offerings, and, ultimately, secure market share from the competition on a global scale.

Client Objectives:

  • Identify tech journalists and influencers and engage them to review Catalyst’s products by developing both written and video product reviews that communicate the product benefits and drive brand awareness
  • Differentiate Catalyst as a leader in the waterproof case industry
  • Develop sales tools

Our Process:

We use a four-step process to help clients achieve their goals:
Analyze – Strategize – Execute – Amplify


Pendulum began by analyzing the market and competing products, customer pain points, and shortcomings, as well as how the media talked about them.

From that evaluation, we identified Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to begin building out a long-term communication strategy.


SWOT Analysis

Strengths Weaknesses
●      Robust product (5x more waterproof)

●      New market entrant with limited brand recognition

●      Small market reach

Opportunities Threats

●      Global expansion

●      Product differentiation

●      Cheaper foreign products

●      New devices are waterproof



Since Catalyst was a start-up, we began by analyzing the market to determine what value Catalyst could provide to consumers. We were able to successfully differentiate Catalyst’s products from others in the market.

Based on the client’s goals to increase brand awareness by showing consumers that the Catalyst brand can provide cases that are 5x more waterproof than competitors, we developed a comprehensive public communication strategy that included:

    • Product/company messaging
    • A robust list of technology journalists, influencers, and any other relevant forms of earned, public media
    • Creation of a pitch strategy to target and secure favorable product reviews
    • A cadence of follow-up communication that ensured we were getting the maximum return on our efforts



Execution of the public communication strategy involved a concentrated effort on journalists, influencers, and any other relevant forms of earned, public media. We had to ensure that we were breaking through the noise of competitors by promoting Catalyst products as waterproof cases that worked 5x better than anything else on the market. 


Pendulum amplified coverage from key media outlets by sharing articles on social media and engaging with stakeholders, as well as creating marketing documents highlighting the coverage and positive product reviews.

Additionally, Pendulum helped leverage Catalyst’s newly enhanced brand to lock in new retail distribution partnerships around the world.


In terms of product reviews and journalist recommendations, Catalyst ranks extremely highly relative to peers. Year after year, Catalyst takes market share from global category leaders. The company recently had a successful soft launch into Europe and Asia. In 2017, they were the first to design waterproof cases for Apple’s AirPods. Our strong communications and PR strategy helped put those products in the hands of consumers around the world. Every year, Catalyst has averaged an incredible 1,500 stories globally. We have secured placements in outlets like the Ellen Show, the South China Morning Post, the Amber Mac Show, Forbes, CNET, and Engadget.

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